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Cattle Meat In Beef And Their Consumption Around The Globe

Posted by Admin on March, 23, 2021

From the earliest cave paintings, it is known that people used to consume bovine flesh in prehistoric times. Domestication of cattle has started from the early stages of civilization, around 10,500 years ago. The main reasons for this were the flesh meat, leather and milk. Previously, cattle were used for their milk only but after farming mechanisation improved, some cattle breeds were bred for their meat.

The culinary name of meat of cattle is termed beef. Beef is mainly the skeletal muscle of these animals. This animal meat is an important source of protein and other nutrients.

• Nutritional Facts of Beef
Nutritional facts of a frozen beef chunk approximately show a polyunsaturated fat of 1.4gms, monounsaturated fat of 9gms, trans fat of 1.3gms, cholesterol level at 87mg, potassium level at 325mg and sodium level at 71mg. Also, these meat chunks contain 25 to 30 per cent protein. This also possesses other nutrients like zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin, B12, selenium and potassium.

• Cuts of Beef
Beef meat is cut into different ways depending on the cutting of different parts, such as roasts, streak or short ribs. Trimmed beef is either ground or minced. Trimmed beef is mostly used in sausages. There are processed cuts as well, namely beef jerky, which is trimmed and dried, and corned beef, which is salt-cured breast pieces. The intestine of the cattle is cleaned and used as sausage casing.

• Popularity
Out of beef, pork and poultry meats, beef is the most consumed meat all over the world. Countries like the USA, China and Brazil are the three largest consumers of beef meat. Australia accounts for the largest exporter of frozen beef chunks.

• Health Issues
Along with nutrients and nutritional facts about beef, it’s excessive consumption might bring incurable results. Bowel cancer is one of them. Beef or any red meat increases the Blood Pressure and Cholesterol level in human being. Therefore, a strictly balanced diet should be maintained while having beef.

Beef in Economy
Many western countries have accounted for the highest production of beef meat. Brazil has a number of frozen beef chunks suppliers who distributes beef all over the world. They go through different processes for maintaining hygiene and freshness in the quality of frozen beef. They are further packed clean in food-grade polythene and different sized cartons. The package size mainly depends on the demands and customer’s orders and some other specifications.

Beef Trading
Manufacturers and suppliers of Brazil gain customer trusts for their exclusive quality assurance parameters like the shelf life of the packaged food products and their nutritional facts. These procedures are mostly conducted by professionals and in s harmonious manner, which is most important for perishable goods. Not only this, but they also offer food products at a very reasonable price.

The pocket-friendly rate charts have made these food suppliers a client-focused organisation. And therefore they have to meet quite diversified requirements of the customers. They claim to have a very reliable base of vendors, a quite adept team of professionals who shares transparency and clear communication among them. These businesses also look after the swift and fast doorstep delivery of their products and reach them afresh.

Beef can be cooked in different ways, starting from simple to complex but delicious dishes. It caters for the need of every household for every occasion. Therefore this highly demanded meat has a market in every corner of the world. Thus, frozen beef chunks exporters deal on a very large scale.

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